Rules & Regulations

Any car without a valid permit parked on campus may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.

Parking Permit:

All students who utilize Spencerian College parking areas must have a valid parking permit. There are five types of permits for campus parking:

  1. Student Permits
  2. Disabled Permits
  3. Visitor Permits
  4. Temporary Permits
  5. Faculty/Staff Permits

No Refunds:

Students who withdraw from the College will not receive a refund for permits that have been purchased.

Student Permits:

Student Permits may be purchased from the Bookstore or the Public Safety Office.

Disabled Permits:

Students who utilize the disabled parking areas must have a valid Student Permit (see above) along with their state issued Disabled Permit. Disabled Placard Registration must be verified by Public Safety Staff. All drivers using the disabled spaces must show their vehicle registration certificates to the Department of Public Safety staff where they can record your information. Each person must have the disabled certificate in their name. Using a relative's or friend's disable placard is not allowed unless a disabled person is exiting or entering the vehicle.

Visitor Permits:

Visitor Permits are given out by the Receptionist in the Visitor's Lobby.

Temporary Permits:

(limit 3 per quarter) Temporary Permits must be obtained through the bookstore for a $1 per day fee. You must display a Temporary Permit if you

  • Arrive on campus without your regular parking permit
  • Don't have a parking permit
  • Have driven an un-registered vehicle to school

Faculty/Staff Permits:

You must be a full time employee and must see the staff in the Public Safety office in order to obtain a permit.

Placement of Permit:

Student Permits:
Student parking permits (hang tags) should be hung from the rear view mirror, where it s clearly visible to the Department of Public Safety staff. Hang tag permits are to be placed facing the front of the vehicle. You may register up to 3 vehicles on one permit.

Disabled Permits:
Disabled permits (State issued) should be hung from the rearview mirror with expiration date facing outward to front of vehicle. The Student parking permits should be placed on the inside of the right front passenger side window, using the adhesive front of the sticker to attach it to the bottom left side of the glass, where it is clearly visible to the Department of Public Safety staff. If your window is heavily tinted where sticker may not be seen, you will need to contact the public safety department on further instructions on where to place the sticker.

Visitor Permits:
Visitor permits should be hung from the rearview mirror OR placed on the vehicle's dashboard, where it is clearly visible to the Department of Public Safety staff. Do NOT place permit on outside of vehicle.

Temporary Permits:
Temporary permits obtained through the Bookstore should be placed on the dash in front of the steering wheel with the permit information clearly visible through the windshield to the Department of Public Safety staff. Those vehicles with temporary permits that have information not visible to Public Safety staff will be issued a citation for "No Permit."

Faculty/Staff Permits:
Faculty or Staff employees must see the Public Safety staff for placement of permit.

Lost/Stolen Permits:
If your lose or have your permit stolen, report it to a Public Safety Officer immediately. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement permits. If a stolen permit is found on another vehicle, that vehicle will be towed.

Hang Tag Restrictions:

A valid parking permit hang tag must be displayed in the vehicle you are driving when parked on campus. Any vehicle without a hang tag being displayed is in violation of the "No Valid Permit" parking regulation. If you have multiple vehicles listed on the vehicle registration form, you're required to switch the hang tag between vehicles. You are restricted to one hang tag. The responsibility to make sure that a valid permit is on your vehicle when parking on Spencerian College property is yours. The Department of Public Safety will not void citations when you forget to display your permit. If you find yourself on campus without a valid permit, you must purchase a temporary daily permit from the bookstore for $1.00.

Physical Placement of Your Vehicle:

Vehicles should also be positioned between the parking spaces. Overlapping or double parking is considered a parking violation. Please be considerate of others by ensuring that your vehicle is parked within the lines.

Tow-Away Policy:

Any vehicle without a valid permit parked at Spencerian College may be towed at the owner's expense. Any vehicle belonging to a student, with or without a valid permit, which is parked in one of the following areas also may be towed at owner's expense:

  • Disabled area without an issued State Disabled permit
  • Visitor's area
  • A fire lane
  • On the grass
  • In an area blocking a drive or another vehicle
  • In a space marked "Reserved"
  • On the sidewalk


If you receive a citation and do not pay the fine, you will not receive your grades at the end of the quarter, you will not have a schedule for the following quarter, and you will not be able to receive a copy of your official transcript.

Towing Costs:

If your vehicle is towed, you will be charged $114 for the tow costs PLUS an additional $30.00 per day storage fee. This facility is open 24 hours per day. No checks will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding the towing policy, speak to a Public Safety Officer.

Directions to Bluegrass Towing are as follows:

  1.  Head west on US-60/Winchester Rd Continue to follow Winchester Rd 1.8 mi
  2.  Continue on Midland Ave/US-60 0.5 mi
  3.  Turn right at E Main St/US-25/US-421/US-60 Continue to follow E
    Main St/US-25/US-421 1.0 mi
  4.  Turn left at S Jefferson St/Jefferson St Bridge 0.1 mi
  5.  Turn right at KY-1681/Manchester St Destination will be on the right

Permit Fees:

  • Day School: $28 per quarter
  • Night School: $7 per night; $7 per weekend; (per class)
    ***Maximum $28


All faculty, staff, students and visitors are required to park within the blue zones shown on the map. Red zone areas are restricted where parking is not allowed while doing business with Spencerian College. The red zones belong to merchants whom have businesses near the college. The college is authorized to write citations in the red zone.

All parking is on a first come, first serve basis.


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